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3 reasons why selfstudy is important?

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3 reasons why selfstudy is important?

Selfstudy may be defined as studying on your own, independent from anyone else with no sort of help or supervision of an instructor or an educator, in spite of the fact that; the individual can take help of some outer sources like books, instructional exercises, and reference book, and so on. This may likewise be characterized as “learning all alone” or “independent from anyone else” or being your own instructor.

Advantages of Selfstudy:

Understanding made easy: One can understand the concept from his point of view,  with his own examples very easily, compared to any complex example taught by the teacher or lecturer.

Our own pace of learning: In coaching centers, teachers move at an average speed, while every student has different grasping speed. With selfstudy, one can learn at his own pace.

Increases fluency: Self-learning, at one point of time, cultivates the habit of studying by your own. It also enhances fluency in the language and broadens thinking level.

Create own timetable: You don’t have to follow the timetable and rules made by someone else. When you feel like studying a particular, subject you can do it, in short, it is freedom of learning without any restrictions.

Your own environment of studying: Some feel like walking while reading, some standing, some relaxed on a chair. Some may feel comfortable to read louder, some by listening to songs. Students tend to retain more naturally when they do the work themselves, as compared to the regular teaching where teacher’s spoon feed the information into them.

Importance of Selfstudy:

Students develop the skills and mindset for selfstudy through the process of solving problems in the worksheets and gaining the experience of advancing beyond their school grade level. Three benefits of selfstudy to help you understand its importance and value:

1. Understanding How to Study

One of the fundamental aims of the Selfstudy is to help students learn how to solve problems by encouraging them to actively take part in the learning process. Students have the potential to solve problems independently regardless of their age and abilities. By teaching students how to learn, the Selfstudy equips each student with the necessary tools and critical thinking skills they need to approach and solve problems they have never faced before. Selfstudy is designed to help students understand how to learn using examples modeled after problems. In this sense, students are encouraged to think critically and explore different ways of thinking in order to solve problems.

2. Studying without External Aids

Selfstudy allows each student to tackle problems based on their own capabilities.  In that sense, students own their knowledge as opposed to relying on external devices such as calculators or tutors. For example, a student who understands multiplication extremely well is able to solve multiplication and division problems much faster than a student who relies on a calculator. The latter student wastes valuable time entering problems into a calculator whereas the former student immediately recalls.

Tutoring may be fine for some things, but no tutor can go to school with a child, no tutor can go into the exam room with the child. Selfstudy enables students to be independent. In addition, tutors can only teach a child how they solve a problem, which could result in confusion if the student tries to answer the problem differently on an exam.

3. Preparing for the Future

Ability to selfstudy is a necessity in high school. Students are expected to figure out a lot on their own. If students already have self-study skills, they can apply them in high school. Selfstudy makes high school easier by empowering students to become fearless when encountering challenges. Selfstudy helps students develop the confidence they need to tackle challenging problems and obstacles in the future. The selfstudy skills that Students gain can be applied to their academic careers as well.

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