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CBSE proposes to conduct the finals for class10 & 12 on same schedules in two shifts.

CBSE proposes to conduct the finals for class10 & 12 on same schedules in two shifts.

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) proposes to conduct the finals for class 10 and 12 on same schedules in two shifts, a move that will certainly reduce the exam evaluation period and teachers would be given more time to check the answer sheets more carefully.


The brand new plan was designed following the board achieved principals of few of the top
academic institutions in New Delhi and near cities.

The CBSE, which has two panels committees to suggest ways to improve the system, will review the suggestions before a final decision is taken.

The country’s largest school board that has more than 18,000 institutions affiliated to it holds the two exams usually from March 1, barring exceptions such as this year’s state assembly elections that delayed the test by more than a week.

The exams run close to 45 days because of an array of subjects and separate time table for the two classes.
The plan to set common dates for both exams, with Class 12 in the morning and Class 10 in the afternoon, is likely to decrease the overall duration of the finals.At present, exams are not held in the afternoon.

The reduced number of exam days will give evaluators — a pool of selected by the CBSE — more time to check the answer-scripts of students before the results are declared in May.
The teachers usually get a small window to check the answers, given the sheer size of the number of examinees.More than a million students wrote the Class 12 exam this year.

“By conducting Class 12 and 10 exams on the same day we can reduce the examination period and provide more time to the evaluators,” a senior board official said.

The CBSE came under severe criticism this year due to the massive errors in correction after it was reported that those who sent their papers for correction saw up to a 400 percent rise in their marks.

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