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5 ways to overcome Procrastination

5 ways to overcome Procrastination

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Procrastination, by and large, is characterized as a deliberate, voluntary delay of behavior, it is a common circumstance among students. 85% of students see themselves as slackers, with 70% doing as such consistently and to a level that is viewed as problematic. The three most basic ways that students report procrastinate are Sleeping, playing and Social Media. Mobile phones and Social media are more regular slowpokes among all the three classifications.

Specialists have found that delaying is connected with low self-regard, silly convictions, a fear of failure, depression and poor study habits. Moreover, the individuals who delay, have been observed to be more stressed and likely to be ill nearer a deadline, often culminating in lower exam results. Students who are not confident in their academic abilities are most likely to procrastinate, followed by those with low levels of self-regulations.

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